I started worried that with my HTML and CSS experience being limited to coding camps from 7thgrade (and the Hannah Montana website I made in 3rdgrade, which is not my proudest moment) would automatically relegate me to become the official coffee-pourer of Danico. To my surprise, after spending a few days learning the basics, I got assigned my first project: DavonnePress.

DavonnePress, to me at the time, seemed impossible to fix. I didn’t know how to change those buttons at the top (which didn’t go anywhere), and for the longest period, I could not figure out how to change that slider image (Even though I ended up leaving it at the end). Through DavonnePress I learned about the importance of asking complex questions and creating layouts for websites, (because clients are interested in what you’re doing) and having SD as my "client" made the experience a little less terrifying. Over the next few weeks, I redrew layouts, changed locations of sidebars, searched for images, waited for content, created some fake content, removed that fake content, and ended up with a website not that different from the original, yet in a way my own.

I want to thank SD and Eric [another intern] for answering my (frequently stupid) questions, and for helping me out with coding and designing (and finding links or passwords to sites). I know that all that I’ve learned during my time here will come in handy in the future, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can learn in the development work. I will always remember Danico fondly, and hope that I will get an opportunity to work here again. I can wholeheartedly say that it was the highlight of my summer, and as I continue to study at Hersey (and then hopefully CS at college), I am looking forward to applying what I’ve learned.