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Welcome 2021!


We made it to the end of one of the most challenging years. A year that affected all parts of life, in all parts of the world. As we ring in the new year, I carry hope for the future. A hope that it is filled with peace, joy, and healing, as well as a few less pivots.

In 2020, we saw many businesses pivot a few times to adjust to the changing world around them. Some were successful and some not-so-much. Our daily vocabulary included words like "new normal" and our wardrobe accessories now include matching face masks.

As I look at the calendar where I've marked off the days since my life changed ready to cross off Dec 31st, I feel a sense of hope for what this new year, 2021, will bring.

While the "bad" was bad in 2020, there was some good. The most obvious is that Danico is still here, still helping our clients reach their goals. We were able to stretch our creativity muscles for new solutions to provide greater value for our clients. It was not always easy. It was rewarding when it worked and heartbreaking when it didn't. With our own pivots, we were forced to make some tough decisions.

I started this message with a hope for what 2021 would bring. I will end with that same message that 2021 will bring a peaceful coexistence in our communities, joy in our hearts, and healing from the devastation suffered during this past year.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, peaceful, joyful, and healing 2021. 

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