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Three Common Qualities of Our Vendor Partners

Three Common Qualities of Our Vendor Partners

While we plan all type of events, fundraisers are our favorite.  We like doing our part in helping worthy and worthwhile organizations raise funds for their services and programs.  The galas and golf outings we're apart of are often the major fundraising events of the year for our clients.  In planning these events there are many moving parts and to handle them all requires: planning, creativity and a great team.  The team is not just Danico nor the client.  It includes vendor partners.  Our vendor partners help us to help our clients, create a GREAT event.  

So how do we select our vendor partners?  What qualities do we look for?

 Well, admittedly some of our vendors are chosen for us based on the location selected by the client.  Then there are those we select ourselves.  They could be for printing, web hosting, event software, etc. There are specifics we look for in each specialized vendor but there are three common qualities we look for when building our vendor partner relationships:

Good Communicator

Communications are an integral part of an event from initial planning all the way through tear down.  It is carried out in many forms - email, phone, written, and possibly social media.  Creating plans, adapting to changes, amazing guests and clients with how successfully the event is run, and closing out the engagement; works best when able to understand and work with each other.

Good Problem Solver

There is nothing worse than when an issue pops up and everyone stands around wondering what to do.  Sure we'd like to think that all the planning means that there will not be any problems the night of the event, everything will be perfect.  The reality is that something always happens.  When it does having someone work with you on a solution is far better than not.  It helps to contain the issue and reach a resolution quicker. 

Good Service Provider

This is a services based industry, so it makes sense that good service is a quality that we look for in our vendor partners.  The sales team sets the stage and the operations team brings it home.  Every guest and client should be treated well, so that when they leave the event there is a positive overall feeling.  Guests and clients are not going to know or care that there are many vendors represented at the event.  They will judge us all the same.  Our jobs are to produce the best overall event experience.
So, now you know three common qualities we look for in our vendor partners: good communicator, problem solver and service provider.  There are many more specifics depending on each vendor's area of expertise but you get the idea.
What are the common qualities you look for in your vendors? 

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