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Techie Terms Defined

Techie Terms Defined

So, I have to admit this post is a little out of the norm.  I saw something a little geeky that I just have share.  I ran across an article about the new words being added to Oxford Dictionary Online for the month of August and I was a little surprised.  From what I understand typically only a few words are added each month but this time more than 60 were added and they were very techie.  

Words like bitcoin, selfie and phablet were defined in Oxford Dictionary Online.  I embarrassingly admit how happy I am to see a bunch a new terms added both so that I can send beloved friends and family to a dictionary the next time they ask me to define a tech term but also new words for my word games - competitors look out!

Having just gone through a MOOC, talked a family member though adding emoji keyboard to their smartphone and discussed BYOD with a client, I think I am keeping up...maybe


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Monday, 29 November 2021

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