Talking, What's That?!

Reading Work From Home? A Phone Call May Be a Rare Thing by Teddy Wane, it got me thinking about my own transition out of a traditional 9-to-5 corporate job.  I had a similar issue. My non-talking stretches were not quite as long as described in the article but I get the point. As I began writing more, I started to read out loud while editing.  I found that the action of reading aloud not only improved my writing but also exercised my talking muscles. This change in my routine, I found it easier to converse the next time the phone rang or I was out with others, my mouth didn't have to try to remember how to move.  

The post brings up a good point about oversharing.  I can't say that I don't overshare when I speak to a friend or loved after a quiet period but I haven't subjected a random person - yet.  Since I've never really been all that into texting, I do tend to call after the second round of text conversation or if I need my hands available to multitask.  Mr. Wane references the upcoming movie, Her, with Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson and how they become "closer" through a series of long phone calls (am I the only one that thinks Her is reminiscent of the 2002 movie S1m0ne with Al Pacino?).  It is rare that calls last longer that a few minutes in most cases.  I do have a couple of exceptions in my life.  How many times have you or someone you know jokes about the last time their cellphone is used as well - a phone? 

Somewhat embarrassingly I admit that until recently, I didn't recognize my ring tone.  My excuse is that there were so many gaps between calls.  That has changed now with my days including more conference calls, online meetings and -ugh, spam calls. I think for a normally quiet person working from home could mean lapsing into a more hermit-like state of contentment.  Scheduling time out to meet up with others, getting a change of scenery or starting a new hobby keeps those talking muscles working, lessens the friend/family dumping and yields a greater appreciation for the quieter moments.

As you read through the Work From Home? A Phone Call May Be a Rare Thing article do you recognize yourself?