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New Google Search Console Interface

If you are using Google's Search Engine Console (and you should be), Google announced the release of the new interface out of beta. The interface looks similar to the changes in Google Ads (formally AdWords). The new Search Console brings with it some new features, they are:
  • Sixteen months of search traffic data, versus three months in the old product
  • Detailed information about a specific page, including index coverage, canonical URL, mobile usability, and more
  • Tracking flows to help you monitor, fix, and request a recrawl of pages affected by crawling issues.
  • New and improved reports and tools, described next.
  • Works on mobile devices.
To help with the transition, Google has created a migration guide, that walks you through the changes, the features that will be removed and links to the report changes along with where to find help. In addition to the information on the old reports and their replacements, there is a new report called, URL Inspection, which is great for checking a site's page can be crawled. With the new interface, there are some features that are features that are not yet supported, some of those include:
  • Managing URL parameters in Google Search
  • Setting preferred domain
  • Property sets are not yet supported
The Search Console Migration Guide has a full list of them. As you work through the new interface, there are quick links to help explain and guide you through. There is even a revamp help center. Have you tried the new interface? What has been your experience? Please let us know in the comments below.


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