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Lesson from Dad: Tell Me Something Good

Lesson from Dad: Tell Me Something Good

One of my dad's favorite phrases is "Tell me something good".  It is the second thing he says right after "hello".  Clients feel the same way.  They want to know that the time/effort/money spent on their website/event/print materials was worth it.  They want to know there are no issues and everything is running smoothly.  They want to know that all they need to do is sit back and do nothing - all is taken care of. 


I don't know about you but I like to tell them all that, each and every time we communicate.  So, how do I do that even when things aren't good?  I tell them the "bad", then lead them to the "good".  The "good" being the path to the solution.  Another thing I learned from my dad, forgot it and then learned it again in school (sorry dad).  Sometimes it is a bit hard when I have to tell a client that sitting back won't be possible, they have to add to their already busy schedule to aid in solving the issue.  The upside, I will be right there with them.  When I am the client, I find that it helps knowing that the solution provider is working with me and didn't just toss the issue over the fence.  It also helps to speed up the solution process, helping as the Matchbox Twenty's song says get it back to good.

Selfishly for me, it also means that the next time my dad says, "Tell me something good".  I can tell him that I created a solution to solve a client's problem and -- all is good.


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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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