Joomla! is the only non-corporate backed community driven CMS

Fun Fact Friday - Joomla! is the only non-corporate backed community driven CMS

Yup, it’s true!  Joomla! is the only non-corporate backed community driven content management system (CMS).  This and other fun facts about the popular CMS were shared at this month’s JoomlaChicago North User Group meeting held at Durty Nellie’s in Palatine, IL on Wednesday, July 9th.  This group of Joomla! enthusiasts, newbies, users, and experts meets on the second Wednesday of each month to share and connect with all things in and around Joomla!  The topics vary by month and are listed on the JoomlaChicago website.  Sign-up is available to join the nearly 600 subscribers who receive meeting information not only for the JoomlaChicago North group but the sister group in the Loop as well in the email newsletter.  If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them, as I have recently undertaken the privilege of coordinating the monthly meetings for the JoomlaChicago North User Group, with lunch generously sponsored by Aluent Group.


This month the main presentation was from Mike Carson, a board member on OpenSource Matters (OSM)   What is OSM?  That’s exactly what was covered in Mike’s presentation.   At a high-level, OSM is the legal-entity behind  They provide the "organizational, legal, and financial support for the Joomla! open-source project”.  That’s a tall order for one of the most popular and free CMS in the world.  Mike, highlighted the structure of the governing bodies and reiterated the strength of the community that drives Joomla!.  From busting myths (Joomla! is going away) to highlighting the new things in the pipeline, Mike covered it all.  For more about Joomla!, including some cool facts and figures (for instance Joomla! is available in 64 languages), check out this video from the website where you can download Joomla!, join a forum, find extensions, and connect with others around the world. 


Now, the timing of this presentation was purposefully done as it set the stage for the Joomla! developers in the room for the upcoming Joomla Developer Conference  and JoomlaDay Chicago events blowing their way into Chicago next month.  Mike along with a host of volunteers are bringing together developers from around the globe for the Joomla Developer Conference  August 7th and 8th at the Microsoft Technology Center in the Chicago loop, for a 2-day, hands-on, 3-track Joomla! development experience.  This is followed by the JoomlaDay Chicago event on Saturday, August 9th, also at the Microsoft Technology Center, again brought together by a group of volunteers, but this day spans newbies to experts on a variety of topics not just development.


As you can see lot of outstanding Joomla! information was packed into just over 2 short hours and all things that could be used right away.  I encourage you to not only take a look at Joomla! but become part of the community.

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