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Hello, can I speak with...

Hello, can I speak with...

Ross McCammon's recent article in Entrepreneur "Pick Up The Damn Phone" highlights a complaint many clients experience - they can't call and talk with anyone. This experience stems not from failed returned calls but due to firms burying or going so far to not even list their phone number on their website. McCammon endorses "...the telephone as the most valuable form of communication in business....Most important, it forces you to be slightly more committed to your cause."

McCammon highlights University of Texas's associate professor of communication Keri K. Stephens incorporation of using the phone as part of an assignment to set up an appointment. Though the students are reluctant to call, I applaud Stephens for requiring students to step out of their comfort zone and deal with the possibility of being told "No." This is great practice and communication certainly is a life skill.

At Danico we have desk phones, a help desk portal, chat platform, screensharing application, and more, but we're different. Our phone number can be found throughout our website - on every page. Better yet we answer the phone! To take it a step further we often meet with our clients, IN PERSON. I know, shocking for a tech firm.

Go ahead and call us, we will answer.


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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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