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Getting items OFF the list

In time management, project management and the like where tasks and commitments are generated there is a need for a tool or process to keep track of them. Many, myself included, write about creating and managing to do lists. 
So with all this gathering, listing and prioritizing you probably end up with a pretty hefty list.   Now what if you want to enlist help getting these items done?  What if you are constantly mobile?  And what if your team is virtual?  So how do you get that list down?

There are many tools to choose from both paid and open source. You may even grow out of one and into another as your company grows. This happened to us here at Danico.  We needed a better way to keep being productive and getting tasks crossed off the list.  Being the tech enthusiast that I am, I was having too much fun with the “shiny objects” of the various tools, so I enlisted the help of our project manager.  I set her on the task of finding “the perfect tool”.  Ok so, maybe not perfect since nothing really is but the best tool for our needs as they stand today.  

She found TeamworkPM.  It has many levels that grow with you and appease many different user groups.  For instance, our PM really liked being able to assign tasks to Milestones.  Others on the team like the timer and the activity feed.  For me it is the versatility.  There are task lists, milestones, calendar, alerts, links, notebooks, and files. It is cloud based with many integration points (on the paid plans) and my favorite - the ability to download my data into a MySQL database.   
We started using TeamworkPM about a year ago and just recently upgraded to one of the paid plans and began engaging our clients through it, limiting their scope of visibility using the privacy settings.  We took a step further and created project templates and notebook templates for our event projects.  This saved us time in getting things setup and since it is cloud based we didn’t have to send documents.  The information is in the notebooks accessible from smartphone, tablet and computer.  For one of the projects, the client uses a Google Drive and we have an integration point that a specific folder for that specific project.  There is only one copy of the file with access via TeamworkPM.  
A feature that some team members didn’t particularly care for but I love is the daily email of my tasks. With all of the places I need to pull data from on a regular basis, it is nice to having this pushed to me.  I can set it to send only week days or every day and select what to include as well as how to present it (by project, by task list, by due date).  It even includes any events that have been entered on the calendar and are upcoming.
I almost for got to tell you the best part - clicking the checkbox when a task or milestone is done!  The sense of accomplish when that task list whittles away is a great little victory to motivate to keep moving.  So, now that I’ve gotten you all excited about getting tasks and commitments off your list, click the banner below to get started.  I recommend you start with the free plan that gives you a couple of projects and 10MB of space to get your feet wet.  You can upgrade or downgrade at anytime as your needs change.
Many thanks to our PM for finding this tool and working with us, well me especially, in leveraging its features.


Full Disclosure: 
While your signing up by clicking the banner above subjects me to a possible commission.  It in no way changes my enthusiasm for this product.  Try it for free and see if it helps you with getting items off the list.  
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Tuesday, 19 January 2021

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