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From our reading list...July 8, 2013

From our reading list...July 8, 2013

hbr.org | Harvard Business Review | HBR Blog Network | Michael Watkins | June 27, 2013 | Making Virtual Teams Work: Ten Basic Principles

Why I like it:
A nice companion to the latest Lesson from Dad post basically working smarter.  Great tips as business of all types are comprised more and more of virtual teams.  I like the communication charter, especially which communication mode to use.  We talk a lot about individual communication styles -

"Susie prefers email to phone calls" but not a lot about which communication channel is appropriate for the message.  I love the right solution not the most popular or feature-filled - yes!  Many of the people I work with suffer from "water cooler" withdrawal (but are in denial).  Reminding us how social networking can fill that gap is great.  As the guys over at Manager Tools  will tell you, 1-on-1s are a fundamental part of having successful teams.

*If you have not tuned into their podcasts, Manager Tools and Career Tools, you are missing out.  I am not compensated nor encouraged by them for my shout out…nonetheless, check them out, especially their series on 1-on-1s in the Management Trinity.

gust.com | Pivotal Moments  | Tim Berry | July 9, 2013 | Which is better? The Whole Market or the Strategic Niche
Why I like it:
Tim Berry's advice and insights are very helpful.  This title drew my attention because I resemble the story told.  I was told early on I needed to have a singular focus. I didn't end up following the advice but I did scale back a bit.  I like Berry's tip at the end, it is a great medium ground.  
Are you in a niche market?  How did you decide to go that route?

fastcompany.com | Leadership Now | July 9, 2013 | How Clutter Cramps Your Productivity
Why I like it:
There is saying, something about cluttered mind and desk.  Then there is the one about clutter equating to genius.  I have a friend/sometimes co-worker who cleans her desk before starting each new project.  I have to admit that I sometimes use cleaning my desk to procrastinate when I am stuck on a problem or dreading admin work.  However I do agree that once the desk is organized I do get through things quicker.  I'd just assumed that it was because I'd gotten the procrastination out of my system.  Now I am rethinking…maybe my friend/sometimes co-worker has a point.  
What's your desk like?   
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