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Event Sprint

Event Sprint

The venue is booked, the meal selected, the RSPV's are in, and now is the event sprint for the BIG DAY.  For me this is the best part.  Yeah, you would think the event itself would be the best part, but we know that it will be great even if it isn't.  During the event sprint is where all the months of planning start to come to life.  The centerpieces are no longer materials in bags hanging out, now they are beautiful structures ready to grace the tables.  The equipment is prepped, tested and packed for transport to the venue and the team is briefed on the event timeline.  
Now, is also where contingency planning is done, where we look at worst case scenarios and how to mitigate them.  The goal is to keep things humming along smoothly until the last guest has happily left the event.  
With all of that, truly the best part of the event sprint though, is when the client says, "We know you've got us covered". 
Yes, we do. 
We were great...weren't we?!
Happy St Patrick's Day


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Friday, 30 October 2020

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