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Embracing the Roller Coaster

Embracing the Roller Coaster

When I was younger and fantasized about becoming a business guru, I'd planned to own an empire with offices in popular cities like Chicago, New York, London, and the like.  I also was under the impression that business would be steady, predictable and linear.  

Keep in mind, I was not yet in high school when I had these thoughts.  Fast forward a few years and I find myself on several highs and lows, a roller coaster if you will.  At first, I tried to tame and force things into a comfortable and familiar steady state only to fail and cause myself undo stress.  

Today, I am working to embrace the roller coaster.  I don't stop planning - it's in my nature, but I don't try to tame.  Instead, I contingency plan, sorry the project manager in me, pokes out every once in awhile.  When at a low, I use the time to review and address operational/procedural functions, preparing for the upswing.  As history has shown, the upswing is pretty extensive and feels like a sports car going from zero to sixty.  Recently, I found myself  looking forward to the downshift.  I used the "extra" time to review processes and tackle a couple of home projects I've been staring at for a few years.  Tackling these non-business projects gave me the same sense of accomplishment as working with clients and bonus - the home project also gave me a break from technology. 
Now, I worry about running out of home projects.  
Hey, before I let you go, I am looking for ideas on how you manage the highs and lows.  Please add a comment below.



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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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