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Congrats Joomla! for Being Named Best Free CMS by CMS Critic

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The 2019 People's Choice Winners of the Critics' Choice CMS Awards have been announced.Joomla!, our favorite CMS, was named the Best Free CMS (YAY!)

What is CMS Critic?

CMS Critic, founded by Mike Johnston, has been around since 2008 as an unbiased, honest reviews for resources on the web.  The cmscritic.com website is source for information, advice and the "latest news about software, hardware and services such as Content Management Systems, Website Builders, Linux Distributions and more".

What is the People's Choice CMS Award?

The CMS Critic Awards began years ago that is "focused on ensuring fair exposure and opportunity to all players in the market".Community members are responsible for nominations and votes.To keep things fair and ethical, any company offering incentives in exchange for votes or nominations are disqualified.Also, only one vote per person.

(See: www.cmscritic.com/awards)

In addition to Joomla! winning, our favorite Flat File CMS, Grav, also won.

Here's a full list of the 2019 Winners.

2019 Winners (People's Choice)

Best Free CMS - Joomla! – https://www.joomla.org/

Best Flat File CMS - Grav – https://getgrav.org

Best Open Source CMS - Django CMS – https://www.django-cms.org/

Best Enterprise CMS - Umbraco – https://umbraco.com/

Best E-Commerce Solution - Shopify – https://www.cmscritic.com/shopify

Best Headless CMS - Cosmic JS – https://cosmicjs.com/

Best Website Builder - Duda – https://www.duda.co

Best Static Site Generator - Publii – https://getpublii.com/

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