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Can a nap save you money?

Can a nap save you money?

So, I saw this infographic from AMA - American Marketing Association about napping and of course I had to take a look.  I don't know about you, I love a good nap.  Have you noticed how much quicker you get through a task after a nap than before it?  Now, a nap may not always be the answer, sometimes a walk does the trick.  I've got the stopwatch on my smart phone all setup and it comes in handy.  If I am taking forever on a task because my brain is foggy or I am jumping around constantly, I get up and walk around the office.  If that doesn't help, off to the futon.  I get up, I go back to my desk and wham!  All done with the task I was taking forever with earlier.  Take a look at this infographic, it has some helpful info for those who have yet to nap.  In particular note the amount of time.  I mentioned the stopwatch on my phone.  I have it set for 20 minutes, any more than that and I am ore tired than when I laid down - defeating the point of refreshing.  Don't think you have time to nap?  Think of it this way, the more tasks you can get through, the happier your clients and that leads to…more revenue.

Do you power nap?  Have you found it helpful?  Chime in.


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Tuesday, 20 April 2021

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