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As Simple as Grinding Coffee Beans

As Simple as Grinding Coffee Beans

Today, I came across this article, 8 Ways to Energize Each Morning by Geoffrey James over on inc.com.  I love articles like this because while they may not be rocket science they often offer repackaging of long forgotten ideas allowing a fresh look.  What stuck out for me was the simple idea of Good Coffee. 
Lately, I have been changing my routines to make myself more productive and smarter working.  To do this, I'd begun having coffee in another part of the house, away from my desk.  Instead of combing through emails, social media or voicemails, I sit quietly sipping coffee, thinking about the day ahead.  Doing this helps keep me from jumping from task to task but logically moving through a series of tasks - successfully moving through them.  I've always planned, now I plan smarter.  Now I am thinking about grinding my own coffee beans.  For a coffee aficionado that would be duh but for me, a person who never really liked coffee, until now, I really want GOOD coffee and the few moments of disconnect peace.
A better work plan simply by grinding coffee beans…
Which idea stands out for you? 


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Saturday, 05 December 2020

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