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A Great Reminder of Efficiency

I used to think that I was good at time management.  Lately, I've started to rethink that, not because I'm not getting things done but it just seems to take so much longer.  Now, that could be because I'm getting older, I'm not sure.  To settle this conundrum I've been researching ideas and techniques to improve my throughput.  Some of things I've worked on are included in the Inc.com article, 8 Things Really Efficient People Do by Kevin Daum.  

On the surface all seem reasonable to accomplish.  I think that for many, and myself in the beginning, delegation is/was a bit challenging.  Delegating was hard, until I found the right person.  I think that is that key, having the right people in the right roles.  This makes delegating easier when you have the confidence to empower your team.  Finding the right person, however, may take some time but once you have them, you wonder what took you so long.  
One technique that I don't do often enough is to, time my activities every so often.  As factors change, it is good to have new benchmarks. Obvious right?  The task that took 2 hours the first time it was done, doesn't take the same amount of time the 100th time that it's done.At least that's the case for me - some time.
I started by thinking I wasn't good at time management when the real issue is that I needed to be reminded of the techniques to maintain my efficiency.  
Are there other techniques that you find helpful? 
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Saturday, 05 December 2020

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