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5 Steps to Creating Your Holiday Master Plan

5 Steps to Creating Your Holiday Master Plan

2 weeks and 2 days until Dec 25th…The time flew by and we are in the home stretch for one of

the most celebrated holidays.  It's time now to make a plan and work a plan.  A master plan that covers both work and home.


Here are 5 steps to creating  your holiday master plan:


1.) Review Workload

Be honest in your assessment of what realistically will get done. Realistically means getting done without working late nights and the next couple of weekends.  


2.) Make a list

Lists aren't just for the jolly gift giver.  The list should include who, what, when, a short description and where.  Below is an example of what the list might look like.  The data is for illustrative purposes only, so I'm not giving away any secrets.  To get started with the list, open favorite spreadsheet program and do a brain dump, don't group, sort or prioritize.  The goal is to get everything out of your head in this step.


Holiday Master Plan Example


3.) Organize the list

Now that everything is on the table, eh list, organize it.  Add a column called Priority.  This column is not the typical critical, high, medium, low for this Holiday Master Plan use 2-nice to do, 1-fun to do  and 0-must do.  


This is why I chose a spreadsheet over a calendar.  With a calendar priority and description may get lost in the focus on the date.


As you evaluate the items keep the timeframe in mind - the remainder of December.  Again, honestly evaluate the items.  Would it be so bad if instead of baking cookies, you went to your favorite bakery for holiday cookies?  Probably not and the best part is you could delegate the item to a family member.


Another example is the Product/Service Catalog Updates which is listed as a nice to do.  Why?  While it is great to get it done in time for February, does it make a difference if it is done in December or the first week of January?  


With the priority now filled in, sort by when then by priority.  This is especially helpful if there are multiple items for a single day or week.


4.) Post and Share the list

Put a copy of the list on your family communication board, ensuring to mask/code any items that may ruin the surprise for the younger members of the family.  Share a copy with your assistant, admin, girl friday or whatever-you-call-the-person-that-makes-your-work-life-easier.  This helps in identifying in omissions.  Maybe you forgot you'd promised to help out at your child's holiday bake sale.  You're more likely to catch that miss if you share with others.


5.) Work the plan

Now that you have a complete what's due by when it is time to work plan.  Knock out the must dos, delegate the nice to dos and enjoy yourself with the fun to dos.  


Gotta run, working my Holiday Master Plan….


© Image credit: pgaborphotos / 123RF Stock Photo

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